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John Frusciante - 24/7

In 2004, guitarist John Frusciante gave Classic Rock this insight into his daily life and routine - or lack of one

“I put in on some music to wake up to, something to get me going. Then I’ll do some stretches and go running through my neighbourhood, which is in the Hollywood Hills.

“While I’m jogging I’ll be listening to something on headphones. At the moment its mostly Van Der Graaf Generator albums such as Godbluff and Still Life, or Peter Hammill solo albums. For me that’s good running music. When I was making my latest solon album Shadows Collide With People, I was listening to Tarkus by Emerson Lake & Palmer a lot. I usually run between two and six miles each day, and my stamina is improving all the time.

“I don’t do yoga like the other guys in the Chili Peppers. I’m extremely flexible, though; I can get into the lotus position or do the splits without any pain. Yoga’s good for releasing tension, but I don’t really have any tension to release. Besides, when you’re as flexible as I am yoga is actually quite risky, because I could easily put a rib out.

“After I shower I’ll eat something. And I usually read during breakfast. The last book was Perdurabo: The Life Of Aleister Crowley. It’s a really good biography by Richard Kaczynski. It gave me a clearer idea of who Crowley was than his autobiography did, although there’s a certain amount that still confuses me."


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