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Fear Factory: The Story Behind Demanufacture

On November 7, 1995 Fear Factory released the influential Demanufacture. IN 2004, Metal Hammer told the surprising story of its creation

Los Angeles, California is, for some, what passes for heaven on Earth. The Western Paradise is a sun-kissed wonderland of impossibly gorgeous supermodels cruising the boulevards in state-of-the-art gas-guzzling cars on their way to sip fruit juice in the bar of the Standard on Sunset or shop on Rodeo Drive.

The 21st century arrived in LA a decade before the rest of the world, and they are already looking back at us from a radiant future. The flip side, for most Angelinos, is a decaying cash-starved city where the hyper-rich isolate themselves from the teeming impoverished masses in gated enclaves guarded by quasi-fascist private cops, and outside is a Mad Max-like badland of armed gangs and a militarised LAPD. The other future, the collapse of civilisation, can also be found here.

Few albums orchestrate this terrifying dark-side LA as brilliantly as Fear Factory’s Demanufacture, written, recorded and released in the wake of 1992’s devastating race riots that followed the acquital by an all-white jury of three cops accused of beating black motorist Rodney King. 


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