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Fish: Q&A

In 2005, Classic Rock talked to the former Marillion frontman about his solo career, the state of prog and the 'youth of today'!

Fish is about to release a brand new, career-defining two-CD best of, the cunningly titled Bouillabaisse, and head off to play live shows that will include him performing the whole of his former band Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood as well as classic Fish songs.

A solo artist – and also now a respected actor and writer – with a career covering some 15 years, he admits he now feels comfortable tackling the album that helped project him to star status back in 1985. 

His decision to do so has also been welcomed warmly by the fans. Equally, he hopes Bouillabaisse will introduce his fans to his more recent albums, including 2001’s Fellini Days and 2003’s Field Of Crows, which represent something of a return to form for him.

These days happy and relaxed, Fish talks amiably about the ups and downs of his solo career, and also his renewed faith in the youth of today and their attitudes to his music.


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