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Story Behind The Album: Paradise Lost's Draconian Times

In1995, PL released the acclaimed Draconian Times. In 2005, they told Metal Hammer about some mad moments in recording the album

“You know what I think about when I look back at that time?” asks PL guitarist Gregor Mackintosh. “I think of frivolity. We’d had some success, and that meant the budgets were increased, which led to a lot of wasted time in the studio. Our manager won’t thank me for saying this, but we were based for a while at Ridge Farm Studios [a residential complex in Surrey], and also in Great Linford Manor [Milton Keynes], where we lived in this exotic gothic mansion for what seemed like months. We worked for a few hours every day and then we’d go to the pub. There was no pressure on us.”

It’s a far cry from the band’s beginnings, in Halifax, back in 1988. That’s when Mackintosh, fellow guitarist Aaron Aedy, frontman Nick Holmes, bassist Steve Edmonson and drummer Matt Archer dreamed of using musical aspirations to spread their ‘miserable mentality’ across the globe. If their first two albums, Lost Paradise (1990) and Gothic (1991), set the tone with a sludging doom-laden heaviness, then 1992’s Shades Of God proved this band had more to offer than underground ideals.

Their fourth release, Icon, saw them lashing melancholic, dark principles to their doom roots. It also introduced producer Simon Efemey to their world, the man who played a key role in shaping Draconian Times.


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