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Dio: Metal Detector

In 2006, Meal Hammer celebrated Dio's career with a timely reminder of their back catalogue

Few people ever written about in Metal Hammer over the years it’s been around can lay claim to singing on three bona fide, jaw-droppingly brilliant classic albums in their career. Ozzy can’t. Lemmy can’t. Phil Anselmo can’t. And Axl certainly can’t. But Ronnie James Dio can. The veteran rocker has lent his larynx to Rainbow’s Rising, Black Sabbath’s Heaven And Hell and his own band’s Holy Diver. Admittedly all from an era before many of you were born, but three albums that would still appear in any ‘Greatest Hard Rock/Metal Albums Of All Time’ lists.

Ronald James Padavano formed Dio in 1982 after he and Black Sabbath – in which he had successfully replaced the sacked Ozzy Osbourne – fell out over the mixing of Live Evil. It was perhaps the best move he’d make. Taking drummer Vinnie Appice with him and reuniting with ex-Rainbow bassist Jimmy Bain and discovering Sweet Savage guitarist Vivian Campbell, the band released their debut, Holy Diver and immediately found success. Thematically it was still the Dungeons & Dragons fare Dio loved to trade in, but with more of an ear for melody, MTV picked up on the band and they were away.

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