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Jimmy Page: Back In Love With Music

In 2007, the “shattered” Led Zeppelin guitarist told Classic Rock how he'd learned to love music all over again.

Jimmy Page suffered most from the loss of Led Zeppelin. While Robert Plant was plainly relieved to shed the responsibility of helping to keep the Zeppelin legend alive, and John Paul Jones seemed content to retreat even further into the shadows, easily reverting to being plain John Baldwin, doting father and family man, Page was left absolutely bereft, both musically and personally.

As he told me not long afterwards: “There was a point after [John Bonham died] where I hadn’t touched a guitar for ages and I just related everything to what had happened, the tragedy. But I called up my road manager one day and said: ‘Look, get the Les Paul out of storage’. He went to get it and the case was empty! I think somebody took it out and borrowed it. They shouldn’t have. It eventually reappeared. But when he came back and said the guitar was missing, I said: ‘That’s it, forget it, I’m finished’.”

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