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Enslaved: Spine Of Godless

In 2008, Enslave explained to Metal Hammer how their anti-religious attitude on the Vetrebrae album focused on the modern, turbulent times

Few bands are quite as adept at challenging genre definitions as Norway’s Enslaved.

Forged in the black metal cauldron of the early 90s, when core members guitarist Ivar Bjørnson and bassist/ vocalist Grutle Kjellson were a mere 13 and 17 years old respectively, they’ve long since journeyed beyond its philosophical and stylistic trappings while staying true to its original, innovative impulse. And although they were one of the first bands to use the term ‘Viking metal’, their ongoing fascination with Norse mythology refuses to look backwards, steering clear of anachronistic folk melodies and instead embarking on a journey of sublime, progressively tinged reveries and wayfaring, blade-sharp riffage. 


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