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Marillion: Happy Faces

In 2008, Marillion got a Classic Rock journalist to play on the album Happiness Is The Road. This is the tale of that experience

It was the day the music died. Or rather it was the day the music journalist died – just a little... on the inside.

It is May 2008. At Marillion’s studio, tucked away in the rural idyll of Buckinghamshire, where the band have been working on an album called Happiness Is The Road for eight months. They were supposed to have finished it in April, but it has taken on a life of its own and they have two more months to go. Their producer, Michael Hunter, has bowed to the inevitable, left home and moved in, taking up residence on a double bed a few feet from the chair he occupies for many hours of the day. Hunter wears the look of man who has not seen sunlight for a very long time.

“I try to walk to the village every morning,” he says plaintively. “‘If I get the chance.” 


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