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Mastodon: Cracking Up

In 2009, Mastodon explained to Metal Hammer the weird concept behind the Crack The Skye album

“Lots of marijuana,” laughs Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds. Hammer has just quizzed him, as we have every member of the band, on what on Earth their new album, Crack The Skye, is about.

“It started out with us knowing we wanted to tell a story about ether; people thinking the human spirit was made of ether, so I started with the idea of astral travel,” drummer, main lyricist and the source of the intriguing concept of Crack The Skye, Brann Dailor adds. “Troy [Sanders] wanted to do something with outer space. So we put them together, this guy going up into space as he astral travels. He goes too close to the sun and it burns off the golden umbilical cord that connects the spirit to the body. He gets sucked into a wormhole.”

Now if that sounds weird, throw in paraplegics, Rasputin, a Russian religious cult, a few time dimension shifts and the Dark Lord himself, and you probably have the measure of the themes that drive Crack The Skye. Or not, as the case may be.


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