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Buyer's Guide: Slayer

Super fast riffs, hyper raging lyricism, Slayer are one of the doyens of thrash. In 2010, Classic Rock did this guide to their catalogue of nastiness

Black Sabbath are the original heavy metal band, Metallica the biggest, but Slayer are surely the heaviest.

There are faster bands than Slayer – Napalm Death, to name just one. There are crazier bands – look no further than the church-burning Nazi-Satanist murderers of Norway’s black metal scene. And most certainly there are sicker bands – Cannibal Corpse’s signature song, Entrails Ripped From A Virgin’s Cunt, says it all. But no other band, who came along before or since, has matched the fearsome power, deadly precision and crushing intensity of Slayer at their peak. 


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