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Steven Adler: GN'R Survivor

Of all those involved with Guns N' Roses, drummer Steven Adler went closest to the edge more times than anyone else. In 2010, he told Classic Rock his tale of survival

If anyone in Guns N’ Roses had an appetite for destruction, then it was drummer Steve Adler. While the rest of the band found a way of precariously balancing on the precipice, he was the one who regularly fell off the edge. His addictive behaviour was so extreme that, when in 1993 a lawsuit the drummer brought against the band was settled with an award of just over $2 million, Slash sighed: “All we’ve done is give him the money to buy enough drugs to kill himself.”

Adler felt his world cave in when fired from GN’R in 1990. “I was stunned. The thing was, we were a gang. So often I’d get into fights in bars defending them. To me, I had my dream taken away. But there again, I understand now why they had to do it. I was out of control, and didn’t even realise.”


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