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Soulfly: Brute Force

In 2010, Max Cavalera explained to Metal Hammer why Soulfly have gone back to being a nasty metal band on the Omen album

It’s human nature to look for clues amongst the wreckage. Even for the most atheistic amongst us, there is a hardwired tendency to see significance in the most random aspects of our lives.

It is one of the few things that separates us from the animals; a need to impose order upon chaos. It is the evolutionary tool that has seen us ‘progress’ from sky-fearing monkey men into rapacious, planet destroying homo sapiens. This is why, when after we dream – essentially a series of random thoughts, images and sensations flying through our subconscious – and wake up, our brains rearrange this mosaic of psychedelic nonsense into a coherent plot.

Brazilian thrash metal hero Max Cavalera of Soulfly says that the idea for the artwork of Omen, Soulfly’s seventh album, featuring a sinister-looking cabal of kids in gas masks, came to him as a nocturnal revelation. 


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