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Blizzard Of Ozz: Ozzy's First Post-Sabbath Album

Against all odds, in 1980 Ozzy released the classic debut album from Blizzard Of Ozz, his first band after being fired by Black Sabbath. In 2010, he talked to Classic Rock about making it

It’s 1979 and Ozzy Osbourne has fallen on hard times. Bullied out of Black Sabbath and holed up at Le Parc hotel in West Hollywood, he lurks amid the debris of excess: a hopeless, friendless, caged animal, seemingly resigned to his fate as rock’s ultimate cautionary tale. “I really did think: ‘This is the fucking end for me,’” he admits to Classic Rock, three decades later. “I’d been booted out. I just got fucked up every day for three fucking months. Never went outside. Never even opened the drapes.”

Into this scene of squalor and self-pity, enter Sharon Arden, with an industrial-strength dose of tough love. Though only in her late 20s and with a puppy-like devotion to the married Osbourne, she was nonetheless a shit-kicking rock’n’roll authoritarian schooled at the knee of the formidable Don Arden (her dad), and the only person capable of mobilising the wallowing singer.

“One morning, Sharon just came round and told me: 'Get your shit together. I’ll manage you'. Ozzy recalls, with obvious admiration. “Once she was in the picture, things got rolling, y’know? Sharon absolutely deserves credit for getting that album out of me.” 


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