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Electric Wizard: Cult Of Personality

Electric Wizard don't follow modern trends. But they also believe they're a pop band! In 20120, Metal Hammer analysed the Dorset enigma

For many bands – whether they admit it or not – getting a foot in the music industry and schmoozing with the movers and shakers is an underlying part of The Big Plan.

It may surprise some people, but this ambition isn’t solely a trait of, let’s say, swoosh-haired, fresh-tattooed rock acts, and can be seen in a good number of underground and extreme metal bands. A quick glance at the careers of the more successful black metal bands in Norway, for example, illustrates how bands that once appeared permanently consigned to the fringes of society can eventually become central figures within the establishment. 

Consequently, it’s always rewarding to interact with bands that have chosen to reject the industry and instead write their own rules, since the results tend to provide not only a greater sense of authenticity but also an abundance of originality and freer expressions of creativity. Electric Wizard are, of course, one such entity, and have rightly made a name for themselves as a pivotal band within the doom scene, becoming a leading act in the genre, not despite their unwillingness to play the game, but largely because of it. To that end the band have largely sealed themselves off – never more so than on their crushing new album, Black Masses – from the rest of the scene, using sticky cannabis resin as a primary tool. 


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