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Buyer's Guide: Electric Light Orchestra

IN 2011, Classic Rock looked at the catalogue of the band masterminded by Jeff Lynne.

For a few lucky people – people like Jeff Lynne – dreams really do come true. As a teenager growing up in Birmingham in the early 60s, Lynne, like so many other aspiring musicians, worshipped The Beatles.

But unlike so many other dreamers, Lynne not only made it as a rock star but also ended up working with the mop-tops themselves. As co-producer of two long-lost Fab Four songs, Free As A Bird and Real Love, released in the mid-90s on their Anthology series, Lynne made a boyhood fantasy real. 

Lynne has enjoyed a lengthy, varied and hugely successful career spanning five decades. His first big break came in 1970 when he joined friend Roy Wood in The Move, rated by Paul Stanley of Kiss as one of the great British pop rock groups. But it was with his next venture, the Electric Light Orchestra, in which Wood also briefly featured, that Lynne truly found his voice.

This was first published in Classic Rock issue 158.


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