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Steve Hackett: New Horizon

In 2011, Steve Hackett released Beyond The Shrouded Horizon, his 24th solo album. And he explained to Prog how he'd learnt to write short songs!

It's quite a landmark for a musician to get into double figures for the number of albums they've released. Steve Hackett needs no introduction, of course, but he’s about to release his 24th solo. Note: that doesn't include the baker's dozen of Genesis albums, nor does it include any live albums or indeed any collaborative releases. To say the man is prolific doesn’t really do this level of output justice.

“If I add up all the albums I’ve ever been on with everybody, it’s probably about 70,” Hackett says, measuring up his 40-year career. “I don’t think there’s any secret to it. I start work on things and then other things come along and some projects have to be put slightly to one side while the rest of the world catches up. There are other things going on at the same time as any one particular project.

“While I have this album coming up in a month, I’m working on a live DVD that we did at Shepherd’s Bush last year [Live Fire And Ice, released in 2012],” he explains. “There’s always another project in hand. I tend to be thinking ahead by at least one or two each time.”

Having started recording as a 20-year-old with Quiet World in 1970, Hackett understands that he’s an elder statesman of the progressive genre. He may have created a lot of music, but the desire to create more still burns deep, partly because – as he readily admits – he’s getting on a bit.


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