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Scorpions: Buyer's Guide

Classic Rock's 2102 guide the Ramblin' Man Fair headliners' back catalogue

The Teutonic titans are currently undertaking a lengthy farewell tour, albeit one that doesn’t seem to have an end date. And the 'farewell' bit has now been indefinitely postponed.

But when the day finally comes when they build their final human pyramid, they can at least look back on a wunderbar history that has seen them sell more than 100 million records and bust the Anglo- American stranglehold on rock.

Guitarist Rudolf Schenker founded the very first Scorpions line-up in Hannover in 1965. But it was the arrival four years later of Schenker’s younger brother Michael on guitar and vocalist Klaus Meine that really set the wheels in motion. Since then they’ve been through not only a number of personnel changes, but also different musical styles: the psychedelic influences of their earlier years gave way to prog-tinged heavy rock, before they hit the mark with slick, chart-friendly, 80s heavy rock. 


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