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While She Sleeps: Firing On All Six

In 2012, Sheffield metalcore heroes While She Sleeps released their debut album, This Is The Six. Metal Hammer got to grips with their DIY ethos

If you want easy-to-digest, vacuous, three-chord pop slop you may as well fuck off right now. Seriously. If you want accessible, homogenised piss to listen to in your Vectra on the way to a sales conference, or chest-beating, misogynistic macho tripe draped in just about enough faux angst to keep some A&R douche happy then you can do likewise, buddy.

If, however, you’ve got some balls and you want to take a chance on something real, if you want a righteous experience, made by people not afraid to stand on their own while inviting you to join them, then you’ve found it: While She Sleeps.

“We’re just trying to make people open their eyes,” guitarist Mat Welsh says of the band’s mission statement. “We’ve always aimed for the same thing – we were trying to do it with the first album too – you don’t have to do what people think will make you a good person to make you a good person, do you know what I mean? You just have to reflect the right things and have the right idea on life. Like, don’t be a knobhead! We’re trying to say, ‘Look, just be a dude and have respect for the things that you need and that deserve to have your respect – push a positive message'. And I think we’ve always tried to do that. It’s about appreciating why you’re here and what you’ve got around you, but at the same time not taking shit from people who have no right to be dishing it out. We want to build a society of people that believe the same things that we do because it’s positive – and it’d be good for everyone.” 


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