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Neal Schon: Q&A

In 2012, the Journey guitarist talked to Classic Rock about his $50 million law suit, photos of his penis, Michael Bolton's eccentricity and his desire to chat to Steve Perry

When Journey guitarist Neal Schon describes the recent events in his life as “really out there”, he’s not kidding. In the past 12 months Schon’s name has been all over US media as part of a bizarre story involving his current girlfriend, reality TV star Michaele Salahi, and her ex-husband Tareq.

The Salahis separated in 2011 after Michaele ran off with Schon, amid claims from Tareq that his wife had been kidnapped, and that the guitarist had texted him pictures of his genitalia and boasted: “I’m fucking your wife”. Tareq also filed a $50m lawsuit against Schon, alleging “outrageous and intolerable conduct”, although this lawsuit has now been settled, according to a report on ABC News

As if all that wasn’t enough, Schon has also been betrayed by a former bandmate. John Waite, singer for Schon’s 80s supergroup Bad English, recently dissed Journey’s music as “super-white” and stated that he would rather shoot himself than re-form Bad English. Thankfully, Schon, who has a new solo album released this month, isn’t taking any of this stuff lying down. 


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