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Limp Bizkit: Fred Durst From The Inside

When Metal Hammer published a nu metal special early in 2014, Fred Durst was a central figure. Here, he opens up about what drove him during Limp Bizkit's glory years - and decline

What is Fred Durst actually like? Take a second to think about it. You might think he’s the goofy, laugh-a-minute clown prince he portrays in his videos. You might think he’s the unruly troublemaker he comes across as on stage, causing chaos wherever he goes and always bringing the motherfucking ruckus. The reality is something far more sobering and out of left-field. Hammer spent some time getting to know nu metal’s most recognisable figure in order to get the full Limp Bizkit story from his perspective. From Britney to Woodstock, from the gutter to being one of the biggest stars in rock history, this is Fred Durst’s nu metal journey.

What did you think when you first heard Korn?

“It was really dark in a cool kind of way but that was down to Jonathan [Davis]. It was something I related to and had been waiting for. I thought, ‘Where have these guys been my whole life?’.’”

Did hearing Korn make you want to succeed in a band from that moment?

“We were already Limp Bizkit at that point. I was in several bands before that, rapping over old Metallica-style riffs and Vulgar Display Of Power shit, but Korn influenced us. Them, Rage Against The Machine, Urban Dance Squad... there were a few bands mixing it and Korn brought the heavier element that I’d been missing and we were doing, and we could relate to them. Jonathan wasn’t rapping but it came from the same place as me because he’d been bullied and that was something I could feel and relate to.”

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