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Apocalyptic Love: Track By Track

Slash and Myles take us on a guided tour of the electrifying Apocalyptic Love.

Slash's second 'solo' album, broken down in the words of Slash and Myles.

Apocalyptic Love

SLASH: The cool thing about Apocalyptic Love is that it was the first song I approached the band with. It was raised from soundcheck. It started out with just the main riff and a couple of chord changes, then Myles went back and forth getting an arrangement, like with pretty much most of the record. But this was the first one, and that’s why the record is called Apocalyptic Love. It’s simple, but it’s indicative of the band’s basic approach.

This is definitely my first live studio record, where the guitars were done along with the bass and the drums – very few overdubs on the record. There’s a certain spontaneity and urgency that comes with doing the guitar along with the bass and drums and being able to keep them, because I always used to trash them. I never thought I played well with the headphones on and I didn’t enjoy it. This is the first time I’ve been able to do that, and there’s a huge difference in terms of the energy.

MYLES: This was the beginning of it all. Apocalyptic Love was actually the first music bed that Slash sent me when we started trading demos. I tend to do better with darker themes when it comes to lyrics, but when I heard the feel of this song it definitely didn’t say that to me. It has a cool, up-tempo groove, so it was a challenge trying to put that lyric together. Because of 2012 and the Mayan calendar and whatnot, it’s like everybody has apocalypse fever – what would you do if it was your last night on earth? You’ve got a few hours to live, what are you going to do? That’s the gist. I tried to make it a celebratory song: “It’s the last night we got, let’s try to have a good time, screw it!”


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