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Slash: Track By Track

The debut album in the words of Iggy, Ozzy, Lemmy, Chris Cornell, Kid Rock and more

Slash says that when it came to thinking about making his first solo album, the idea of inviting a bunch of friends to help out was key to allowing him the freedom to, as he puts it, “really sort of put my best foot forward.”

As he explains: “I just wrote the music. In some cases,  an arrangement; in some cases just a couple of chord ideas. I’d send it to the singer and they’d come up with whatever they wanted to lyric-wise. None of the songs outstay their welcome, either. There’s something to be said for having my own short attention span. I’m not overly indulgent, you know? Say what you gotta say and get out!”
So now he’s breaking out with a vengeance. He laughs out loud. “It’s just me saying, ‘What would be fun?’. And having a really good time.  That was the most important thing. Luckily for me, everyone I worked with on this album made it really easy. They were all so great to work with, I didn’t want to stop!”
Now let’s hear from the various friends themselves. As you’ll see in the interviews that follow, they enjoyed being a part of this venture almost as much as Slash…


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