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The Slash Interviews: The Making Of Apocalyptic Love

The for the story behind his magnificent second solo album, Slash welcomes us into his private lair and reveals all...

It's been another spectacular January day in Hollywood.

Cloudless skies and waves of golden sunshine washing over the Angelenos as they go about their morning, seemingly oblivious to their climatological good fortune. This morning, I will be meeting with iconic guitarist Slash to discuss his forthcoming second solo album. The interview is happening at the Hollywood studio where the album is being recorded and, quite understandably, its location is a closely held secret until the afternoon before the meeting. Initially, there is some confusion – I cannot locate the studio. As I slowly cruise along the boulevard where the address should be, I see nothing but a couple of tiny, rundown shops and an alley that looks dark and menacing, even in the bright sunshine. Not even the car’s GPS will acknowledge the studio, replying “No such address exists.”

Another run around the block and I’m back at the sketchy alley. Abandoning both fear and common sense, I slowly pull in, past a massive hip-hop mural on the right and some overflowing dumpsters on the left. And there I see it – inconspicuously tacked beside a one way glass door is a building number so dark that one has to pull up close to read it.

This is the place.

It’s still quite early and, having confirmed the location, I head up to Sunset Boulevard to find a cozy cafe where I can review my notes one more time. After all, this is Slash I’m interviewing – in recent months, he has earned headlines for his induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, for the surprise reunion of his band Velvet Revolver with mercurial frontman Scott Weiland, for the release of his critically-lauded Made In Stoke live album/DVD, and for his burgeoning career as a movie mogul with new production company Slasher Films.


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