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Q&A: Paul Stanley

In 2006 Paul Stanley released second solo album Live To Win. At the time, he talked to Classic Rock about this record, Kiss and his attitude towards Lordi

Kiss guitarist/frontman Paul Stanley has sold 100 million records in a recording career of more than 30 years. He recently announced some US tour dates to promote his long-awaited second solo album, Live To Win, and also became a dad for the second time. Between changing nappies and avoiding calls from former manager Bill Aucoin, the Starchild rang Classic Rock with the following update.

Although easily identifiable as Paul Stanley, collaborators like Andreas Carlsson of Britney Spears/Backstreet Boys fame help to ensure that Live To Win is a contemporary-sounding record.

I wanted collaborators who think as I do: that a song is only as good as its melody and chorus. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing pop, rock or for Kiss, there are only two types of music: good and bad. Despite the above, we can all be driving in the car but someone’s got to be in the front seat.                                                            

If Live To Win was so important to get off your chest, why has it come almost three decades after your self-titled solo debut? 

See how badly I had to get it out? It was like not going to the loo for 28 years. It’s no great secret that I see myself as the keeper of Kiss. While everyone was running off and doing other things, I felt like the band was in jeopardy. We’ve sprung some big leaks, and somebody had to be there to bail water.

Bassist Gene Simmons admitted that he made an “H-bomb sized mistake” in distracting himself from Kiss with films and outside projects during the 1990s. What are your thoughts on him having become a reality TV star?

You mean do I question some of Gene’s decisions? Constantly. But that’s his right and his privilege. I’m often baffled by what he does and says, but that’s part of what makes him who he is.


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