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Q&A: Brian Johnson

The AC/DC vocalist has joined the ranks of celeb authors - but forget the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, his autobiography is about motors, as he told Classic Rock in 2009

It's a sunny Monday in July, and Classic Rock has finally managed to pin down Brian Johnson in London. As soon as AC/DC released Black Ice last year, the affable singer has been spending nearly all his time on the rock'n'roll train traipsing all over the world. But he isn't here to talk about his all-conquering band today - although he can't help himself - no, he's here to chat about something entirely different. Brian, y'see, is about to publish his autobiography - a book that has given him the chance to wax lyrical not about music, but rather about the other love of his life...

Your new book Rockers And Rollers is subtitled ‘An Automobile Autobiography’. Why?          

Well, it’s mostly about cars. And at the start it was very difficult to put that across. People are saying, "So the book is about the band?", and I said, "No, no...". I’m not one for autobiographies. I hate them, there’s too many of them. Nobody gives a flying fart! But with cars... I’m just nuts on them. I have been since I was a kid, there’s something wrong with us. My brother’s the same. And what I found was, when somebody said, "You know, Brian, remember when you were in 1974 and you were going out with that girl?". And I’m like, "I cannae remember!". And they say, "You had the Ford Granada?". "Oh, I remember!". It’s true. I suddenly thought of all the cars I had, and the book came from there. Every time I thought of the different things that happened, it was through the car I had and the fun I had.

When did you decide to write it?

It was just before I went off to do the Black Ice album. I was having lunch with Jimmy Nail and his manager Tarquin. I was telling stories and tales and Tarquin said [adopts posh voice], "You should write it down!". But everybody says that!


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