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Family: Anthony Kiedis

Chili Pepper, chilled-out dad.

In your autobiography, Scar Tissue, you portray a very unconventional upbringing, living with your wannabe actor father in Hollywood.

I really looked up to my father, and it was probably the most free I’ve ever been. It was pre-self-destruction, so it was a good period for me.

You don’t think that sharing your father’s pot and girlfriends as a child might have had something to do with that later self-destruction?

Er, you know, I think there was a time bomb inside of me that was always waiting to go off. Environment always has an influence, but that would have happened to me at some point regardless. But, man, kids still read that book. They come up to me on the sidewalk all the time and tell me: “My God, you’re such a freak!”


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