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Keef on keeping on...

The Stone on rolling for more than 50 years.

Do you remember a time very early on when you thought, “This is it, we can actually do this…”?

That’s difficult, but the first time was when I got into a recording studio – that was like entering the portals of Heaven and it grew from there. But after Satisfaction, we all felt we had a chance of a career.


There was no career path for young bands like the Stones or The Beatles. You were just winging it?

Winging it is the right description, and making it look like you knew what you were doing. That includes everybody, like promoters. You made it up as you went along.


Looking at documentary footage of your early shows, they were chaotic. At the disastrous Altamont festival in ’69, fans, Hells Angels and even a dog were on the stage at some points. This was all very amateurish in reflection.

Ramshackle, man. That show was thrown together by the Grateful Dead because we had no experience of that and it was their speciality. So we arrived and thought, “This is the way it’s done.”


But would never be done that way again?

Oh no, I draw a line there, man.


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