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Partying: Elton John

No one parties quite like Sir Reg Dwight.

Is it fair to say you throw the sort of party nobody else throws these days?

When you tell British people to dress up, they dress up. When I had my fiftieth birthday party, when all the people wore those costumes and I wore that ridiculous wig and stuff, all the Americans invited came in fucking dinner suits. And the British people dressed up, and I didn’t recognise half the people at that party until the end. They were wearing masks and helmets; Rick Astley was wearing a space suit. It was like: “Oh my God, you’re here!” 

I like to celebrate birthdays, and I like to do that kind of thing. It’s a European sense of style, I think. I hate to keep going on about it, but you don’t see those things happen anywhere else other than Europe, really.


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