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Partying: Sammy Hagar

Rock'n'roll's numero uno party animal.

The back cover of your autobiography, Red, describes you as “someone who’s spent decades bringing the party with him wherever he goes”. Was that always your mission?

Well, kinda, but it evolved over the years. My style of performing live has always been about entertainment, but that was born out of nerves, because I always felt a bit stupid just standing there singing, so I’d run around and try to get everyone involved. So I became known as a high-energy performer and entertainer. And then pretty soon I owned a bar in Mexico and a brand of tequila, and my friends and I would go down to Cabo, get drunk, and get up onstage and play, with no rules and no setlist, and I guess that enhanced my reputation as The Party Guy. So in 1995, when I was thrown out of Van Halen, I decided to bring that party on the road. I throw a pretty damn good party, I have to say.


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