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School: Justin & Dan Hawkins

Darkness in the classroom.

Was a musical career already on your agenda at school?

Justin Hawkins: I think so. I recently looked back at my GCSE Record of Achievement and it said that I’d expressed an interest in the medical professions. But by then I was already playing guitar in bands. My teachers said it wasn’t worth me pursuing education, because I was just going to end up in a pub band. Just like I have.

Dan Hawkins: Justin and I had been playing in pub bands from the age of twelve. But I chose not to study music at school when it came to GCSEs. I remember going into the music room once and fifteen kids were burping into their Casio keyboard samplers and playing them back. So studying music was just a complete waste of time. You had two choices: embrace technology, or they’d force you to sight read stuff.



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