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Confessions: Joel O'Keeffe

He’s usually spotted climbing stages, smashing cans on his head and loudly proclaiming his love for AC/DC.

Have you ever climbed up the stage scaffolding and almost fallen?

“There have been a couple of close calls, you know, when there’s thunder and lightning and things get a little slippy. I’ve had to hold on for dear life a good few times. I fell at Sweden Rock once and the guitar got caught between me and a pole – it was the guitar neck that saved me. That was a hairy one.”


Does anyone in Australia actually drink Fosters or watch Neighbours?

“Some of us watch Neighbours but no one in Australia goes near Fosters. Personally, I avoid both! I drink Victoria Bitter and I like to watch car racing, AFL footy and a bit of cricket. And I love Deadliest Catch – the American show about fishing vessels.”

Airbourne tour with Black Stone Cherry from October. Black Dog Barking is out now via Roadrunner


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