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Monkey Business: Introducing Marmozets

Marmozets are taking maths, melody and madness to the mainstream.

If you’ve ever craved music with the bug-eyed insanity of math-metal but with tunes that you can actually whistle, Marmozets are about to become your favourite new band.

Currently surfing on a wave of acclaim that can hardly fail to thrust them rapidly skyward, this young quintet’s wickedly angular and rowdy sound has already earned them a deal with Roadrunner Records and plaudits from all corners of the rock media. But, according to singer Becca MacIntyre, whose powerhouse melodies and scabrous screams provide her band with a compelling focal point, Marmozets have plenty of substance to back up the buzz.  

The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets is our now via Roadrunner


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