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Pulling Teeth: Inside The Mind Of Beartooth's Caleb Shomo

After battling depression and addiction, Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo channelled his emotions to take his band to new heights. Not bad for a 21-year-old...

Unless you’ve been chewed up and spat out by the Simon Cowell Shattered Dream Factory, real music generally comes from within. Words you sing to your fans come from past experiences, from people you know and from your heart. They bleed onto the page and into the ears of those who heed your call. That’s music. That’s what we as music fans desire above all else – no-bullshit, powerful music to connect with on more levels than ‘Oh, I like this bit.’

Caleb Shomo is only 21 but this kid from Columbus, Ohio has already lived the high life in the music biz. Formerly the frontman of Attack Attack!, he has since started a wholly personal project rooted in his own life and his own emotions – both good and bad. “I have two switches,” Caleb admits. “I’m either shut off or all coming out at once, and Beartooth is my way of letting it all out and not caring about what people think.” And when your lyrics are as honest and brutal as you’ll find on Beartooth’s debut Disgusting, other people’s reactions are the last thing on your mind.

Disgusting is out now via Red Bull


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