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Scare Tactics: The Evil Scarecrow Story

Cult band, or merely a cult? Look out, world. Evil Scarecrow are heading your way.

From the triumphant reunion of the classic Emperor lineup to the mindbending sax ’n’ violence of Shining’s main stage debut, this year’s Bloodstock festival provided its usual array of memorable moments.

But one peculiar and heartening sight stood out above them all: as Evil Scarecrow kicked off Saturday’s entertainment on the main stage, a huge crowd of diehard metalheads gathered to laugh, sing, scuttle, waltz and join together in a startling and laudably ludicrous outbreak of robot dancing, as five lunatics from the Midlands defied the odds to conquer the festival with some of the most heroically daft behaviour the metal world has ever seen. Having packed the Sophie Lancaster stage in 2013, to the extent that there were hundreds of people craning their necks outside the tent to catch a glimpse of these mischievous miscreants at full pelt, Evil Scarecrow were an obvious choice for a main stage opener in 2014... but no one truly expected to see them take the whole event apart.

Galactic Hunt is out now via Pledge Music


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