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The Devil Rides Out: Electric Wizard Talk End Times

Electric Wizard-In-Chief Jus Oborn is on a mission to soundtrack the great apocalypse. And if the end is nigh, you might as well get high…

We start, fittingly, at the end. Given that Electric Wizard’s new earthquake-inducing, Satan-worshipping doom opus is titled Time To Die, how does metal’s reigning king of misery, Wizard frontman Jus Oborn, think our puny planet will eventually meet its ugly demise?

“We’re gonna kill ourselves, or the planet’s gonna get fucked by a meteor,” says Jus, between weed-induced coughing fits. “I’ve had dreams about it, about a meteor hitting us. It’s only a matter of time. We fuckin’ deserve it, to be honest.” He ponders his decision. “On the other hand, a plague would just get rid of us and leave the planet alone, so that’s probably a better solution.”

Wizard’s frequent proclamations of doom and their casual misanthropy are two of the band’s most enduring and oddly endearing traits. For more than 20 years and nearly as many line-up changes, Jus has shepherded his sinister flock in the shadows, creating impossibly heavy downer-doom jams that make Sabbath sound like sunny optimists in comparison. There is nothing about Electric Wizard that suggest they exist in the same time frame as Slipknot or Bring Me The Horizon. They aren’t modern or digital; they’re not even retro, really. They are ancient necromancers spellcasting from forbidden texts. It’s as if they just suddenly wandered out of the mists of 1974 into the clattering, chattering world of social media, instant gratification and constant contact. They offer none of that. They are of the Earth and the sky and their gods are much older than the ones worshipped in shopping malls and pop festivals. In a world devoid of mystery, they are the last link to rock’s murky, dark past.

Time To Die is out now via Spinefarm


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