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Under The Influence: How In Flames Changed Metal

How did a band from a tiny Swedish city change the face of metal forever? We look inside the game-changing career of In Flames.

Despite the occasional report to the contrary, the ’90s were an awesome climate for great music. Pantera, Machine Head, Sepultura, Korn, Emperor, Marilyn Manson, Cannibal Corpse… the list of names to have created genre-defining efforts in that period is as impressive as in any other era you’d care to name. But one band are often overlooked in their contribution to that time. A band who did as much as any other to keep metal’s beating heart alive through its so-called “darkest days” while sowing the seeds for generations of bands to come. A band who continued to innovate and inspire well into the next century. And a band who, as so many often do, started in the most humble of habitats.

“Gothenburg? It’s just a small city!” laughs In Flames’ frontman Anders Fridén while recalling the formulative years of one of the most important metal bands to ever do it. “There weren’t that many people that were part of the metal scene. It was maybe 40 guys… everybody would jump into each other’s bands and help out. I mean, we had no idea, we were just a bunch of dudes who loved metal!”

Siren Charms is out now via Sony


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