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Why I Love... Motörhead by Dez Fafara

Hardworking? Music fanatics? Lovers of riffs? Turns out Dez Fafara and Lemmy have a lot in common...

LEMMY IS GOD: “Lemmy is the ultimate frontman. An icon. Everyone else in the band is up to par as well, and iconic in their own way. Every time I run into Lemmy he’s a complete gentleman. Every single time! I wore a Motörhead t-shirt for the first three or four years of Devildriver’s existence, and one time we were playing with them and I managed to get all of them to sign it!”


“Every Motörhead song has its own groove, man. Nobody does that particular sound like they do. Everybody else who’s tried is obviously just copying them. I love Lemmy’s voice, too, especially that low, guttural vocal, plus the cadence that he uses rhythmically, when he writes lyrics, is amazing.” 

Motörhead tour the UK with punk rock icons The Damned in November. Dez and the reunited Coal Chamber will release a new album in 2015 


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