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Fiddler On The Hoof: Anna Phoebe

Violinist Anna Phoebe has played with everyone from Jon Lord to P Diddy. Now she’s back with a new album with her own band.

Anna Phoebe, accompanied by her guitarist, co-writer and co-producer Nicolas Rizzi, is on familiar ground as she joins Prog at a sun-dappled table outside a pub in London’s Marylebone. Completely by chance, we’re directly opposite an old church where she spent weeks rehearsing alongside Jon Lord and his band for his Royal Albert Hall shows, in which she played a crucial role as his violinist.

It’s a happy coincidence, but one that demonstrates her space within the prog world. Counting such figureheads as Lord and Ian Anderson as mentors (the latter makes an appearance on her new album Between The Shadow And The Soul), she has followed in their footsteps to take a traditionally classical instrument and make it the star of the show for a rock audience. On a record crammed with Eastern influences and unique flourishes, she makes the instrument sing in place of a human voice. 


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