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Flying Colours: the Prog Supergroup Who Went Even Proggier

Take five prog and rock musos and give them complete creative freedom, you get Flying Colors. Prog talks to the band about the new album, going more prog and supergroup dynamics.

If you liked the self-titled 2012 debut album by Flying Colors – the supergroup comprising Mike Portnoy, Steve Morse, Neal Morse, Dave LaRue and Casey McPherson – then you’ll love the follow-up, Second Nature. Why? Well, for a start, it’s more prog. Without a producer to tether them this time – Peter Collins (Rush, Air Supply) was on hand for the debut – they took the opportunity to experiment and extrapolate.

“Seeing as I’m talking to Prog magazine, I’ll tackle that aspect first,” laughs Portnoy on the phone from his home in Upper Saucon Township in Pennsylvania. “I think because we self-produced it, we let things stretch and breathe a little bit more. If we stumbled across a cool theme or instrumental part, whereas last time Peter Collins was there to trim away the fat and keep us focused and streamlined, this time the five of us expanded it a little further. And so everything is a little bit more extreme.” 

Executive producer Bill Evans (see boxout below) had a mission statement for the first album: to bring together “virtuoso musicians and a pop singer… to make new-fashioned music the old-fashioned way”. Left to their own devices, for Second Nature, as Portnoy suggests, all the dials have been turned up so that the pop, rock and prog elements are poppier, rockier and proggier.  

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