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Ghost Stories: Marillion's Rothery Goes Solo

“I think of this album as a guitarist’s revenge!" says the Marillion guitarist of new record The Ghosts Of Pripyat.

There have been ever-circulating rumours of a solo album from Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery for the best part of 30 years. Back in the mid-1980s, when the band were caught in the maelstrom of Top 10 singles, appearances on Top Of The Pops and substantial world tours, their label had been open to his suggestion of releasing one. Yet with tensions in the band starting to build and niggle, Rothery reasoned that it probably wasn’t worth the bother.

“Both Fish and I were pitching the ideas of solo albums to our EMI guy, Hugh Stanley-Clarke, and he seemed to be more interested in mine than Fish’s,” laughs Rothery at the memory. “It caused a little bit of grief and would probably have blown over but, for the stability of the band, I put the idea on the back-burner. Later in the 90s, I was approached by Miles Copeland to make an instrumental album for his No Speak label when we were recording Brave. I think he offered me $20,000 to make it, which I thought I could do, but I realised that I’d rather work with another singer and lyricist and do something a bit different. That turned into the first Wishing Tree album.”


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