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Heavy Load:
Chris Robertson

Chris Robertson on the trials of a Cherry-stoned life.

Chris Robertson first fronted Black Stone Cherry in his teens. Since then the foursome from Edmonton, Kentucky have proven what a mighty, global creature Southern rock can be. Robertson has also conquered demons, found Jesus and had a son, all in time for an October return to headline in the UK.

What were you like at school?

I made really good grades until I turned 13. I got a guitar for my 13th birthday, and from there I started slacking off and my grades went down. I played guitar all the time, I didn’t care about anything else. I have a little boy now, Declan – two this year – and I hope he does a lot better than I did, ’cos I spent my time smoking cigarettes in the bathroom and skipping school to play guitar.


When did you first hear BSC on the radio?

We were in Sweden in 2007, on tour and doing an MTV thing – our first TV experience. And in the cab on the way back we heard Lonely Train. It was just amazing. Especially for four dudes who come from a small town, we’re thousands of miles away where English isn’t the primary language: “Wow, a song we wrote in a little shack in the woods is being played in Sweden.”’


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