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Chat Noir

Jazz-loving Italians blend the old with the new to transcend their influences.

“When we were teenagers we were listening to albums by King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin,” recalls Chat Noir’s keyboard player Michele Cavallari. “When we started playing in local bands, we did cover versions of that kind of material, but it was jazz that really caught our attention, and that was what inspired us to start stretching our ideas.”

For the last 12 years Cavallari, bassist Luca Fogagnolo and drummer Giuliano Ferrari have worked as a trio and although they started out playing standard jazz tunes, over the course of five albums, their sound has evolved and mutated into something that’s not always easily classifiable. “We drew upon the things we’d listened to when we were younger like prog rock, funk and so on,” explains Cavallari. “When you apply all those influences to our jazz vocabulary, I suppose it helped us take things further on a musical level.” 


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