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North Atlantic Oscillation: Strong Currents

Leaving their shoegazing influences behind on punchy new album The Third Day, North Atlantic Oscillation have taken a bold step forward. Frontman Sam Healy tells us about their new sound.

With appropriately titled third record The Third Day, North Atlantic Oscillation have made their most confident artistic statement yet. The album confounds expectations after 2012’s gorgeously hazy Fog Electric, seeing a return to the eclecticism upon which they originally built their name.

Broadly taking a similar tack to the subtle electronica and shoegaze stylings of early Caribou or Boards Of Canada and melding it with the eccentric left-field pop of cult heroes Grandaddy, or stadium weirdos Flaming Lips, their music has always been hard to categorise. Accepted into the Kscope family prior to their debut EP, 2009’s Callsigns, they’ve proved prolific, releasing three albums in five years, as well as a solo record, Sand, from frontman Sam Healy.  NAO are far from your average experimental band, yet their fiercely intelligent, intricately layered music remains a cult proposition, and they have even toured with the likes of Bob Mould, Engineers and Blackfield. 

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