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The Outer Limits: Pere Ubu

After 18 albums and almost 40 years, their frontman claims they "refocused" prog rock. We ask: How prog are Pere Ubu?

Pere Ubu fixes things, that’s what we do,” says the band’s vocalist David Thomas on a video broadcast uploaded to their Ubu Projex website. “The English prog rock scene was truncated by the corporate arrivistes of punk rock.

"I was determined that we were going to fix that. In the real world, the real Sex Pistols was a band called Henry Cow. It’s said that Pere Ubu refocused rock music in the 70s, but in the real world what we did was refocus prog rock. Carnival Of Souls then is the album that we do 40 years later. Understand?”

Well, not entirely, we must admit, but we’re certainly intrigued… 


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