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The Prog-jazz World of the AndersonPonty Band

Take one legendary prog rock frontman and pair him with a jazz-fusion violinist superstar. Now step into the world of the AndersonPonty Band…

Jon Anderson has always loved the sound of the violin. “I think it was when I first heard Sibelius’ Violin Concerto… In fact, I wanted a violin when I was 10 years old! Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford one. So I think my dad got me a mouth organ, if I remember rightly. What can you do?

“The idea of the violin always seemed to inspire me. That Sibelius is an extraordinary piece of music. I’ve written a lot of violin pieces actually, with my friend Bill Kilpatrick – they’re online under the title Violin Stories. It’s a magical instrument. And, of course, Jean-Luc is an absolute master…” 

 Anderson has been involved in a variety of collaborative projects since leaving Yes in 2008, many with ‘unknown’ musicians. This time it’s different. Famed jazz-fusion violinist Jean-Luc Ponty joins him in the AndersonPonty Band for a creative endeavour that both call an “adventure”. It began with Anderson spontaneously recording vocals over Ponty’s instrumentals. Impressed by the results, Ponty threw himself in and the pair have formed a six-piece ensemble that will play both new material and reworkings of old Ponty and Yes numbers. A live show and an album are promised, the latter funded through a Kickstarter campaign. 


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