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Grumbling Fur: Hairy On The Inside

Tea, Throbbing Gristle and celestial whippets? It’s a very modern take on Brit-psych from the two best friends that are Grumbling Fur...

The Tower Gardens estate. It’s a world away from the noisy thoroughfare that is Tottenham’s Lordship Lane, minutes from where riots flared and spread countrywide in 2011. Here you’ll find no concrete jungle scarred by urban stress, but a century‑old garden city suburb of two-up two-downs, with quirky arts and crafts features shielded by privet hedging and plane trees. And in one of these little hideaways is Fur Island, the studio HQ of London duo Grumbling Fur.

Dropping by on a sweltering August evening, Prog is welcomed in by Fur man one, the slight, sandy-haired Alexander Tucker, already a solo artist long on our radar since the looped guitar miasma of his 2008 self-titled LP. We’re handed a glass of water and then a cup of tea as Fur man two, the rangy, dark-eyed Daniel O’Sullivan, steps through the front door. Although not their place of residence – the house belongs to artist Ian Johnstone – it certainly is a homely set-up for the men who create the otherworldly textures that make up third album Preternaturals.  

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