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Danny Worsnop: Vice City Stories

Living a life of excess to rival his 80s idols, Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop might be his generation's one true rockstar. And he's on the loose in Los Angeles...

If the Babylonian empire of 80s glam metal rose from the coal black pavement of LA’s iconic Sunset Strip, then today we are sitting at its hallowed, if unofficial, throne.

Perched at the top of Sunset Boulevard stands the Rainbow Bar and Grill, that notorious bastion of rock’n’roll decadence frequented by the likes of Lemmy, Dio and even Elvis Presley. Tucked away at the back of the Rainbow’s dimly lit dining room lies the seat of honour – the semicircular corner booth, where, since the early-70s, rock’n’roll’s Holiest of the Holy have held court while drinking, snorting and shagging themselves rotten over its slippery red vinyl. Today, seated across the booth from Metal Hammer is the Strip’s next generation of rock royalty – Danny Worsnop. 

With a beat-up straw cowboy hat and a simple plaid shirt pulled across his broad shoulders, the 24-year-old frontman more closely resembles an American farmer than the lead singer of Asking Alexandria, one of England’s most successful metal exports. That is until he slaps the table and roars, “I’ve snorted more cocaine off of these tables and in the bathrooms of this fucking establishment than I have anywhere else in the world combined, bar maybe Colombia!”


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