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Heavy Metal Halloween: Slash

Costume ideas on a budget

You've got just over a week until the big day and we know you've still planned piss all for your costume. So why not go as one of the greatest rockstars of all time – using a mop and top hat.

What You'll Need

A mop
A black top hat (or if you can't find one, a bin)
Some black aviators
A black vest (whichever one you own)
Some black jeans
Some army boots

What You'll Need To Do

Put the sunglasses on
Put the mop on your head and brush it to the sides of your face
Put the hat (or bin) on your head
Put the vest, trousers and boots on
Don't talk to anyone all night

You can also make yourself up to look like King Diamond, Clown and Gene Simmons.

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