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Things We Learned At Piratefest

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Last Friday, we sailed the endless oceans (and sailed the raging seas), ending up shipwrecked in Camden – just in time for Alestorm's sold out Piratefest, then. Here's some metaphorical booty we uncovered while we were there...

People are really into pirates

Although we can't seem to coax audience members into explaining why they love Alestorm so much – the most coherent response takes the form of: “Cause they're fuckin' pirates!” – it seems that their love and appreciation is expressed in a more visual manner. Yes, droves of metalheads have raided the local fancy dress shop and descended upon the Electric Ballroom suited, booted and prepared for mutiny. Here's just a few – exceedingly shoddy quality – snaps we took of the Alestorm faithful.

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