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"We'd drink JD together…" John Miles on Jimmy Page

John Miles on collaborating on Page's 1987 solo album Outrider.

“I’d never met Jimmy before we started working together in ’87 on Outrider. His manager called to ask if I’d be interested in doing some writing. So I went down to his studio and we wrote Wasting My Time, Wanna Make Love and a few other things. We’d both jam and come up with riffs. It took a while to get to know him, but we hit it off. And I discovered he had a wicked sense of humour. Then he decided he was going to take the album on the road and he said to me one day: ‘Can you do it?’

“Most of the shows were in America. And I felt a lot of pressure having to sing Robert Plant’s songs – I think Jimmy felt pressured too. I remember Robert turned up at a gig in Boston. Jimmy didn’t want him anywhere near the building, so Robert turned up in a baseball cap and disguise. 


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